Current Series

40 Days of Prayer

A 40-day prayer journey looking to spark spiritual growth in our lives.

Talking Points: The Perfect Blend of Politics & Religion

It’s impossible to stay away from the topic of religion at church, but we usually stay away from politics. When a topic intersects with the teaching of Jesus, it’s our responsibility to talk about it. The division in the church created by our current political climate intersects directly with Jesus.

Without a King

What happens to a society when everyone thinks they can do whatever they want? We'll look at this question as we take a 6-week survey of the Old Testament book of Judges.

Don't waste this!

This pandemic--and the resulting social isolation--is more than an interruption and intrusion; it is an opportunity.

Church Online

These messages were presented during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning March 22, 2020.


A journey through the New Testament book of Acts.

Back to Church 2019

How does the idea of togetherness affect our lives and our impact in the world?

Be the Church: Epilogue

Some concluding thoughts on our "Be the Church" theme using Jesus' descriptions of his followers as salt and light.

I Am the Church

As a building, a church is just a mass of steel, concrete, and wood. It’s just a building, nothing more, nothing less. What a building a church is the people who choose to show up and “be the church.” 

If I am the church, then I love God, love people, and I am a disciple who is making disciples.

Advent 2018

In this series, we will explore the season of Advent and how it helps us anticipate and prepare for Jesus' return.