Current Series

Put Your Hope in God

This pandemic is trying emotionally. How can we productively deal with the range of emotions we are experiencing during this time?

Advent 2018

In this series, we will explore the season of Advent and how it helps us anticipate and prepare for Jesus' return.

Be the Church

In a very real sense, we do not come to church, we are the church. We are to be the hands and feet and love of Jesus to people who often don't even understand that they need him.


This series by Pastor Kristin is based on the book, Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community.


There is a realm that exists beyond our five senses and we ignore it at our own peril.

Draw the Circle

This series is based on Mark Batterson's book, Draw the Circe: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge. 

We are embarking on a 40-day journey to develop the habit of prayer that will continue on day 41 and beyond.

Sermon on the Mount

Over the course of three chapters in Matthew (5-7), we read some of Jesus' most challenging teaching. This series will exam this "Sermon on the Mount" section by section to see what we can learn.


We have not been called to navigate this life along. We have been called to deep, committed Christian community.


Worship is significant. Worship is important. Worship is part of who we are and how we live. But what is worship? Why do we worship? How do we worship? This series endeavors to answer these fundamental questions. The answers will give new meaning to, purpose for, and reason for worship.

Family Focus

Looking at different topics connected to families