Life Before COVID-19: An After Action Review

04.05.20 | by Rob Culler

Life Before COVID-19

An after-action review

 What were my daily and weekly schedules like?

  1. Why were they arranged like that?
  2. How could/should they have been arranged differently?
  3. What will they look like after this is all over?
  4. How will I ensure this happens?

How much margin did I have? (Note: Margin is needed space to recover and refuel.)


  1. When did I have time to reflect on the past day/week?
  2. How did I refuel and recover mentally?
  3. Where do I turn when I feel mentally overwhelmed? Is this a healthy choice?


  1. How did I ensure proper time and attention were devoted to the most important relationships in my life?
  2. What uninterrupted time was devoted to those relationships?
  3. When was that time most likely to be sacrificed for more pressing items?


  1. Was I getting a proper amount of rest? Was I constantly tired and rundown?
  2. Was I eating in a healthy manner?
  3. Was I getting an appropriate amount of exercise?
  4. Was I taking prescribed medications as directed?
  5. Was I abusing prescribed medications? (Was I abusing anything else?)
  6. Was I getting a yearly physical?


  1. Was I living on a budget? Was I living paycheck to paycheck?
  2. Was I paying my bills on time?
  3. Did I have an emergency savings account of at least $1,000?
  4. Was I regularly contributing to a savings account? Retirement account?
  5. Was I giving to God through my church?


  1. Was I making worship time with other believers a priority?
  2. Was I taking the time to read God’s word beyond what I heard in a worship gathering?
  3. Was I spending time in prayer beyond what I did in a worship gathering?
  4. Was I serving? Was I doing this because I wanted to or because I felt coerced to do so?
  5. Was I looking for and seizing opportunities to share my faith?


  1. How was I intentionally investing in the spiritual lives of my children beyond taking them to church?
  2. What unwritten lessons were my children learning about how to plan and order their lives?
  3. What unwritten lessons were they learning about what areas of life should take precedence over others?

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